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  Moldavian-German Joint Venture
The storage is designed for both receiving, cleaning, drying and temporarily storing rape seed and for interim storage of rape oil befor removal by rail or truck. The press cake from B-C-R production ist temporarily stored on the site.
Rape reception point with buffer silo ( 1100 mt capacity)
and delivery to the processing shop

Part of the press shop with presses,
buffer silos and handling equipment

Oil mill data

- Site area: 24000 m², owned by B-C-R
- The oil mill complex is designed for a 300 mt/24 hr capacity and handle rape seed
- Water supply is assured from the complex´s own well
- Gas supplied from a newly-laid overland pipeline
- Sewer with own clarification steps connected to the public sewage system
- Two seperated overland lines safeguard power supplies: connecting rating 2x 1000 KW and 1x 150 KW

Construction stage of the new seed
reception complex in August 2008

Storage site data

- Site area: 97.373 m², owened by S.A.
- Water supplied from a well
- Gas connection
- Power supply 2x 1000 KW and 1x 150 KW
- Rail track connection
- Ground-level stores from approx. 25000 mt of seed
- Capacity expension being planed/constructed approx. 4.459 m³ per silo
- Laboratory for initial examinations